Chantelle  -  Director

Chantelle -  I'm specialised in semi permanent Eyebrows and i believe in being an absolute perfectionist to one of the biggest features on the face, using high quality pigmentation you achieve the best desired colour for your eyebrows, I offer and advise a free consultation to sit and discuss every aspect of the treatment from shapes to thickness to your chosen natural colour. I then shape the eyebrows to the discussed desired shape and book you in for treatment.

 I tend to book bigger slots for clients who haven't yet had  microblading  before so we can thoroughly go through after care and booking in your pigment top up appointment which i advise 3 - 4 weeks after your first treatment to keep the brows in constant full form.  


Jade - Director 

 I Specialise in every aspect of Galvanic Spa Treatments. I Truly believe everybody wants to have that youthful look as long as possible, and this is the way forward. I get great results with this treatment, fantastic for cellulite and reversing the signs of ageing. I offer a free consultation to discuss the area which you would like treating and courses we offer to each specific area.

Book Your Appointment

Discuss your needs with one of our beauty technicians during a free consultation. This gives us the chance to get to know you and your requirements, allowing us to tailor our treatments. A consultation slot is provided for every client having semi-permanent microblading prior to appointment.